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Nic Wing
Managing Director

Cuban Cigar Walk London

Four great cigar stores, Winston Churchill, Beatles, Bentleys, Royal Palace and great places to relax, eat and smoke a cigar.

London Bridges

Enjoy some of the finest views in all of London while you criss-cross the Royal River Thames from Big Ben to Tower Bridge.


What a mix! Bridget Jones. Trendy food market. Harvard. London Bridge. Shakespeare. The Globe Theatre. Wobbly Bridge. Modern art.

Covent Garden

Actors! Opera. Ballet. Theatrical ghosts. Street performers. The market! Actors' church and hidden corners... darling!


The sights from one of London's most popular visitor sites, the iconic London Eye...

Guard Change

"...at Buckingham Palace; Christopher Robin went down with Alice". Marching with the Guards! Split second timings.


Big Ben. Parliament, politics and prime minister. Westminster Abbey, coronations and Royal funerals. Churchill and war.

Veni, vidi, vici. Anthony & Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Roman Gods, Vestal Virgins and the Colosseum.

Michelangelo, Bernini, Caravaggio, Raphael, 7 fountains, 4 squares, 1 opera and 89 cafes ...oops, forgot the Roman Temple!
The Steps, the clothes, the people, the films, the fountain and THE gelati!!

The Jewish Quarter. Picasso Museum. Mansions. Louis IV and wigs. Trendy shopping. Place des Vosges. Secret garden...

Sartre. Cafes. Guillotine. Cafes. Da Vinci Code. Cafes. Delacroix. Cafes. Picasso. Cafes. Ernest Hemingway. Bars!

Elegance. Snobbery. Classical architecture. Hogmanay. Kilts. Sir Walter Scott. Detective John Rebus. Designer shops. Lighthouses (?!).

Castle. Festival. Murders galore. Hauntings. Harry Potter. Greyfriars Bobby (the dog!) And the odd church or two...