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We have been very fortunate to have been supported by a great team in creating our City Tours! Thank you to everyone!

Walk Creation

Sally Empson, Nic Wing, Simon Chase, Professor Maxwell Hutchinson


In The Cuban Cigar Walk London the extracts from the book Churchill’s Cigar are included with the kind permission of the Author Stephen McGinty who also read the extracts for the walk. The book Churchill’s Cigar is published by Macmillan (ISBN-13: 978-0230528925).

Much of the content of the London's Bridges audio walk is taken from the book "London's Bridges, crossing the Royal River" by Ian Pay, Sampson Lloyd and Keith Waldegrave Published by Artists’ and Photographers’ Press (ISBN-13: 978-1904332909)


Philippe Auclair & Nic Wing

Sound Engineer

Ken Brake at Regal Lane Studio


John Ashton, Philippe Auclair, Duncan Duff, Sally Empson, Warren Grynberg, Martin Harvey, Tim Hudson, David Lumsden, Jayne McKinnon, Diana Madill, Vannine Parker, Maurizo Patti, Marie-Agathe Pecquet, Sean Simpson, Steph Tickner and Sarah Winman, Professor Maxwell Hutchinson, Stephen McGinty, Howard Smith,Desmond Sautter, Edward Sahakian, RobertEmery, James Newell and Nic Wing


Philippe Auclair, Claudio Alioddi, Geraldine Berreen, Frank Biddulph, David Bitelli, Eleanor Gilchrist, Tom Hannah, Anna Ritchie, Abigail Trundle, Teresa Whipple.

Charles Audley Composed and Played the Theme for the London’s Bridges Walk and the voices of Rowley, Stevie Wing and Leo Wing .

Walk testers

An extra special thank you to all these unpaid volunteers!

Clare Dickinson, Trevor Dockerill, Bob Empson, Emma Empson, Liza Empson, Nicki Empson, John Hannyngton, Mervyn Jones, Mary Phillips, Sally Audley, Simon Chase, Richard Mairis, Bryan Orwell, Wes Lipner, John McPherson,Stevie Wing.

Corporate sales

Nic Wing, email nicwing@citiesinsound.com or call 0208 447 1627


Volusion Commerce, with a little help from Mike Sharpe

Graphic design

Caramel Design (Grace Maclean, Claire Nichols and Simon Hutton), and Heidi Streitberger at Chamaeleo Design.


Charles Russell LLP (Edward Hoare)


Dave Cook


"Winston Churchill audio courtesy of Earthstation1.com" and all others who have given us licences to use music and other sounds.

Sound studios

Regal Lane Studio. The Sound Suite.

Authentic Sound Effects On the Cuban Cigar Walk London the car you hear is a 1928 4.5 Litre Bentley Le Mans (Registration XV6601, Chassis AB3362, Engine No FT3217) recorded at Stanley Mann RacingBentley in Hertfordshire. See walk page for link to their web site..


….and, of course, all the many others who have given advice, ideas and encouragement as we have developed our sight seeing walks!